What is Spiritual Direction?

Each person’s life story is holy. Each person’s life is full of God moments—times when we need God; times when God is present to us; and times when we are puzzled by God.

A spiritual director is a companion who can help a person see God’s presence in all of life: in questions, crises, careers, relationships, life stages, fears, insecurities, joys and grief.

A spiritual director is not a counselor or an advice giver. Rather, she or he is a companion and a listening presence who can help a person notice, discern, and respond to God’s invitation.

Is Spiritual Direction for me?

While anyone can arrange to meet with a spiritual director, the people who often seek this ministry are:

  • Those in a decision making process
  • Those with questions and concerns about life’s circumstances and relationships
  • People interested in exploring their faith, beliefs, prayer practices or church
  • People seeking a closer relationship with God
  • Those seeking greater spiritual awareness

People of all ages, young adults to elders, seek spiritual direction. Those in helping professions are especially supported by spiritual direction: pastors, paid or volunteer church workers, medical personnel, counselors, educators, life coaches, and care-givers.

Where, when and how much does it cost?

The meeting takes place in the context of a confidential one-on-one session with a director, usually monthly for the duration of one hour. Directors have meeting spaces in various locations throughout Winnipeg: North Kildonan, Grant Park, River Heights, Westwood and Unicity areas. The suggested fee for a one-hour individual session ranges from $50-$80; however, we will turn no one away for financial reasons.

Our Team of Spiritual Directors

"Walk to Emmaus" by Betty Shoopman

How do I start?

To take the next step, click on the button or contact a specific director by clicking on the email link (in the bio section). The introductory meeting is typically 30 minutes, and is free of charge.